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Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers in speech, in life, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12 


SPX Youth Group is the youth ministry program for students in junior high (Grades 7-8) and high school (Grades 9-12) and who attend St. Pius X Catholic Church in Reynoldsburg, OH.  The Office of Youth Ministry at St. Pius X Parish provides programs and resources to assist parishioners in junior high and high school to grow and mature in their faith, understanding and love of God. Through a variety of fun activities, youth are presented with opportunities to participate in service work in the parish and community, achieve leadership training and, of course, participate in worship experiences. Emotional support is also a large component of this program, both from peer and adult leaders. Weekly events are planned primarily by the students themselves, and mainly take place weekend afternoons or evenings. Membership is open - JUST SHOW UP!! For more information, please contact us by telephone, through our social media venues, or contact us through our form below.

SPX Youth Connect

Judie Bryant, Ministry Coordinator
1051 Waggoner Road, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
St. Pius X Hohman Hall  (614) 864-3505 

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Adult Volunteers

We are looking for adult volunteers (age 21 and over) who want to invest deeply in the faith life of teens and promote "Christ encounters.". Adult volunteers who work with youth age 17 and under must meet the requirements of our parish Safe Environments Policy. Learn more about these requirements from our Protecting God's Children webpage. Please let us know if you have additional questions.



2018: Access the Youth Squad's Schedule of Events

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Log In to our 2017-2018 Bible Study Forum

Our online Bible study for 2017-2018 will be announced soon!

If you didn't join us for last year's online forum study, "Timothy Talks on Tuesdays," plan to join this year's discussion. Our online Bible study is open to all high school youth of the diocese. To get involved in the forum, you must have a Google account. Email Judie Bryant through our contact form, above, with questions you might have about this opportunity.

The anonymity of the Timothy Talks forum might be the perfect fit for someone who feels unable to attend a weekly meeting or who is uncomfortable or shy at first when speaking up in a group. You can log in from home, do your homework, and chime in when or if you have something to share.

Timothy Talks on Tuesdays (#TTT) was launched in 2016-17 by the St. Pius X Youth Group under the direction of Judie Bryant, Coordinator of St. Pius X Youth Group, and Katie Lomeo, Youth Group Assistant. Using a dedicated Google chat room, high school participants could log in each Tuesday evening at 8:30 PM to discuss a topic from I Timothy 4 and to post insights to challenging questions about it.

Read our article about TTT

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Youth Group


We've gathered some frequently asked questions about Youth Group to help you know more about us and, more importantly, get involved with us! You can always contact our St. Pius X Youth Ministry Coordinator, Judie Bryant, from our contact form below if you have additional questions or are an adult who would like to volunteer.

What exactly is Youth Group?

Our youth ministry program at St. Pius X Parish provides programs and resources to assist our parishioners in high school and junior high school to grow and mature in their faith, understanding, and love of God , and to discover and use their gifts to be of service to the parish and the community at large. In other words, it's a chance for you to hang out and have fun with friends in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. Weekly events will be planned by YOU, and will mainly take place Sunday afternoons or early evenings.


Is Youth Group the same as the Parish School of Religion...or Church?

No, but Youth Group is another component of the Catholic Church. When you're involved in Youth Group, you have the opportunity to do many different things. We offer lots of fun activities:

  • opportunities for service
  • leadership training
  • emotional support, and of course, 
  • worship experiences.


Who belongs to Youth Group?

 Any student in grades 7-8 (Junior High) or 9-12 (high school) that belongs to St. Pius X Parish is eligible.


Can I bring a friend, even if they don't go to St. Pius X?

YES! If your friend is in Grade 7-8, you may bring him or her along to your monthly Junior High Youth Group events. Likewise, if you have a friend in Grade 9-12 they are welcome to attend the weekly events. They don't even need to be Catholic; we'll work on that! ;)


Is there a membership fee?

NO! There is no membership fee. Some activities may have a separate fee, but generally, everything is free. And there's always great food!


How in the world do I sign up for all of this amazingness?

You don't; you just show up to events! If you can't make all of our meetings, no big deal - just come when you can. We will always be happy to see you - guaranteed!

Get Involved with Service: Be Christ to Others

SPX Youth Service

St. Pius X Youth Group offers many service opportunities. These are just a few of the programs and organizations that are served by members of St. Pius X Youth Group.