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Pre-Cana is required of any engaged couple seeking marriage in the Catholic Church as part of the marriage preparation process. Engaged couples spend a day with married couples of our parish discussing relevant topics including Family of Origin, Communication, Values, Intimacy and Sexuality, and Sacramentality. For more information about attending a Pre-Cana as an engaged couple or to become involved as a married couple interested in strengthening this vocation in our parish, please use our form below to contact us:

Joe and Theresa Moore


For Our Engaged Couples

Congratulations on your engagement! Now more than ever, the Church celebrates your commitment to the vocation of marriage and family and the great healing you bring our world through your love, sacrifice, and example to others. Through the Sacrament of Matrimony, your marriage and family model a "little church," or ecclesia domestica, which demonstrates to the world Christ's love for His people.

Our St. Pius X Pre-Cana Program is part of an overarching, six-step experience determined by the Diocese of Columbus to prepare you both for the vocation of Holy Matrimony. This includes:

  1. A meeting with your parish priest or deacon
  2. Completion of a marriage preparation “inventory”
  3. An educational component, a Pre-Cana instruction within the diocese
  4. Natural Family Planning (NFP) instruction
  5. Participation in the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  6. A final meeting with your priest or deacon

Our parish-based program is designed to meet your educational component and help you meet other married and engaged couples within your parish community. Your participation allows you to spend the day with our team of married parish couples. You learn about topics including expectations, communication, values, intimacy, and spirituality. We schedule 1-3 Pre-Cana sessions each year, depending upon our parish's needs. Please use our contact form below to let us know if you anticipate needing to attend one.


For Couples Interested in Becoming Part of Our Preparation Team

Our St. Pius X Pre-Cana Team consists of married couples from our parish. We actively recruit and are always in need of couples willing to share their marriage experience for sacramental preparation.

  • Married couples needed?  Yes! Because this program focuses on Catholic sacramental preparation, volunteer couples must be participating, registered members of St. Pius X Parish and must have a valid marriage, recognized by the Catholic Church. Couples should have sufficient maturity to appreciate the spiritual importance of their role and task.
  • Marital Experience Because marriage in all its stages brings a range of joys and trials, we seek those couples who have shorter-term experience (married 2-5 years); child- and family-centered experience (married 6-25 years); and mature experience (married 25+ years). This benefits not only our engaged couples but our team as well, as we learn from each other in the process.
  • Ministry Location  We conduct Pre-Cana sessions and meetings in our homes. The home is the seat of Christian marriage so the location is an important aspect of how we minister.
  • Frequency  We meet only when we need to discuss aspects of the program. We meet between October and December for an annual planning meeting to choose session dates for the upcoming year. Dates and times of sessions are determined solely on the needs of the parish and relate to the number of marriages planned for the upcoming year.
  • Special or Helpful Skills  You should have a genuine love of the Sacrament of Marriage and be willing to share this as a couple with those seeking marriage in the Church. Team couples prepare and give witness talks on one of five topics to our engaged couples. Professional speaking skill is not required, but a willingness to honestly open your hearts, minds and experiences together to our engaged couples is important. Our married team works together to help boost confidence and improve talks.




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St. Pius X Vocation Prayer

In every age Lord, you raise up women and men who are strong in their faith and bold in their actions to give witness to the Gospel.

Fill St. Pius with Your Spirit and give us a burning desire to make a difference in our world because of our love for You.

Bless our Church with holy and courageous priests, deacons, religious sisters and brothers, devoted married couples, dedicated single men and women and enthusiastic youth.

We ask in Jesus' name.

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