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We maintain a two-year archive of prior newsletters. If you require an older issue, please contact our Communications Support Specialist so a particular copy can be emailed to you.

Michelle Zuccarelli, Communications Support Specialist
St. Pius X Church and School



2017 Connections

Volume III, Issue 1, February 2017 - New Year's Blessings

Volume III, Issue 2, May 2017 - A Springtime of Hope 

Volume III, Issue 3, August 2017 - A Summer of Realization 

Volume IV, Issue 4, November 2017 - Be Like Shining Lights of Morality and Respect


2016 Connections

Volume II, Issue 4, November 2016 - Equal Sacrifice, Not Equal Giving

Volume II, Issue 3, August 2016 - Expansion and Renewal

Volume II, Issue 2, May 2016 - The Joy of Love

Volume II, Issue 1, February 2016 - Mercy is the Gospel of Jesus Christ


2015 Connections

Volume I, Issue 4, November 2015 - The Plan of God...Marriage and Family

Volume I, Issue 3, August 2015 - Marriage: A Vocation and Call to Holiness

Volume I, Issue 2, May 2015 - Enriching Your Family in the Faith

Volume I, Issue 1, February 2015 - The Restoration of Unity



Stewardship Newsletter Archive

In an effort to promote stewardship information on a more regular basis, St. Pius X Church and School will incorporate this as a component of its quarterly parish newsletter, Connections, beginning with the May 2017 issue. Our parish stewardship newsletter will no longer be produced and mailed separately. All prior stewardship newsletters are available below.

Volume I, January 2016 - The Servant: Our Dependence on Each Other

Volume III, October 2014 - Building God's Kingdom: For the Good of Others

Volume II, October 2013 - Reflecting God's Kingdom: For the Good of Others

Volume I, October 2012 - Growing God's Kingdom: For the Good of Others