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Connections St. Pius X Feb 2018 Vol IV Iss 1
February 2018

Connections is the quarterly newsletter of the St. Pius X Church and School and is published in February, May, August, and November. Its purpose is to support our parish by providing information that will help enrich, inspire and connect us as we work together to build and grow God’s Kingdom in our midst. Our 2018 Connections theme is Care of Our Common Home: Living out Laudato Sí in our Hearts, Homes, and Community.

Submit Your Article

Please consider submitting a story for an upcoming issue. Article deadlines for each issue can be found below. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. Please submit articles or direct questions to:

Carol A. McGlone, 
Submit articles, preferably as a Word document, to our editor. You may also bring your article to the parish business office during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

2018 Article Deadlines & Delivery Dates



February 2018, Volume IV, Issue 1 — Features Lent and Easter schedule & events
This issue is complete.

May 2018, Volume IV, Issue 2 — Features St. Pius X Festival and summer/back-to-school events

  • Article deadline: April 6, 2018
  • Issue to Post Office: May 18/19, 2018

August 2018, Volume IV, Issue 3 — Features fall events through Thanksgiving

  • Article deadline: July 6, 2018
  • Issue to Post Office: August 17/18, 2018

November 2018, Volume IV, Issue 4 — Features Advent and Christmas schedule & events

  • Article deadline: October 5, 2018
  • Issue to Post Office: November 16/17, 2018


Helpful Resources for Submitting Articles



A stylebook is a common reference tool used when writing/editing a manuscript to assure that grammar, usage, and capitalization remains consistent. It is particularly helpful when you receive articles from a number of different authors. We edit according to the stylebooks recommended by the Diocese of Columbus and The Catholic Times.  



  • Submit Word documents (.doc, .docx) if possible. Plain text (.txt), rich formatted text (.rtf) or PDF (.pdf) can also be submitted.
  • If you are submitting a photo or graphic with your article, it is helpful if you can attach the image separately to your email along with your article. Please refer to our policy below about images of minors (age 17 and under) and reuse permission.
  • Images may be .jpg/.jpeg, .pdf, or .png.



Because Connections is available for download from our parish website, which is publicly accessible, we are bound by Section 400.13 of the Policies and Guidelines for Parish Youth Ministry, Catholic Diocese of Columbus, to protect the identifiable information of those in our parish under the age of 18 unless we receive verifiable consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian permitting us to release it. Identifiable information includes but is not limited to a minor’s image and his or her full name. Verifiable consent may take the form of a written and signed permission form. The Diocesan Safe Environment Program extends the term ‘youth ministry’ to include PSR, Vacation Bible School, youth group, Scouts, athletic teams, etc.



St. Pius X Church and School abides by U.S. copyright and intellectual property laws when reproducing graphics and images in print or online. Please assure that you have the copyright permission or license to reprint the graphic or image you would like us to reprint. We can provide licensed images to accompany an article if you are not sure.  A trademark or logo is always owned by the company represented and we need permission to reprint it. If you are using an image in the public domain, you can send us a link to the source stating its status as an image in the public domain. This will usually help us know how we must attribute the work. Intellectual property laws are quite expansive. Assume you do not have copyright permission unless you have personally created the artwork or taken the photo. You can learn more about copyright and intellectual property law at



Chrome®, Google's popular browser, provides a fast way to search for images in the public domain. Search for your image subject as usual. The search engine will likely return a number of options for your subject, including websites, images, videos, maps, and more. Select Images and then select Tools. From the Tools menu bar, select Usage Rights, and from the drop-down menu, select Labeled for Noncommercial Reuse. Connections is a non-commercial publication because it does not make a profit from its publication. The resulting images are those that can be safely considered for your article.

image usage rights noncommercial


This Week at SPX

Girl Scout Lock-in - Fri Apr 20 @ 6:00PM-10:00AM
Mass - Sat Apr 21 @ 5:00PM-06:00PM
Confirmation Speaker - Sat Apr 21 @ 6:00PM-07:00PM
Girl Scout Lock-in - Sat Apr 21 @ 6:00PM-10:00AM
Mass - Sun Apr 22 @ 8:30AM-09:30AM
Mass - Sun Apr 22 @10:15AM-11:15AM
Youth Ministry - Sun Apr 22 @12:00PM-09:00PM
Mass - Sun Apr 22 @12:00PM-01:00PM
VBS Volunteer Meeting - Sun Apr 22 @ 1:00PM-03:00PM
PSR - Sun Apr 22 @ 5:00PM-06:30PM


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