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Liturgical Ministries

Handbook: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) [PDF] - Updated May 2018



Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) Rotunda Software

If you have questions, please contact us at If you do not use the internet or email, please call Cyndi Williams at 614-390-4718.



Ministry Schedule June 30 - September 30, 2018



Next Schedule: October 1 - December 31, 2018*
Enter Cannot Serve Times: No later than September 15, 2018

* Christmas will be scheduled manually via sign-up sheet in the sacristy.



MSP SPX login

Ministry Scheduler Pro is an online software built for parishes and churches to help them with the difficult task of scheduling liturgical service. It helps a parish to communicate with its volunteers through email and it provides volunteers with a personal tool to help them track the current ministry schedule in real time, communicate dates they cannot serve in advance of generating schedules, and request or fill in as a substitute when needed. A free app for iOS or Android is available from the App Store/Google Play Store dependent on your mobile device needs.

From your personal MSP account, you may:

  • View our current schedule in real-time from any device that has internet access
  • Enter dates you cannot serve for future schedules not yet generated
  • Request a sub for a current schedule or fill a sub for a parishioner in need
  • Receive reminders of upcoming service times
  • View family member schedules*

* Family members are linked for scheduling purposes and visibility of schedule. However, every volunteer in MSP is considered an individual and cannot serve times and requests for substitutes are individually managed. MSP assumes that parents and children have separate schedules and do not always face the same restrictions. An option exists when entering cannot serve times that allows you to apply a restriction to all family members, as in the case of a vacation. 



Greeters Ministry/Ushers Ministry

Greeters Master Schedule 2018 [PDF]

Guidelines for the Ministry of Greeters & Ushers [PDF] 


St. Pius X Music Ministry


This Week at SPX

Volleyball - Tue Aug 21 @ 4:00PM-09:00PM
Knights of Columbus - Tue Aug 21 @ 6:00PM-09:00PM
Server Training - Tue Aug 21 @ 6:30PM-08:00PM
Widow Group meeting - Tue Aug 21 @ 6:30PM-
Adoration - Wed Aug 22 @ 7:00AM-07:00PM
Knit/Crochet - Wed Aug 22 @ 9:30AM-

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