Volunteers in this ministry help by laundering and ironing our Eucharistic linens for each week’s Masses. For more information or to become involved, please use our form below to contact us.

Michelle Carey


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  • Volunteers Needed?  Yes
  • Volunteer Ages  This ministry is appropriate for men and women over 21 years of age, teens aged 13-18, middle or junior high students age 9-12, or families or groups working together.
  • Ministry Location  Home-based work, with drop off and pick up at the church
  • Designation  This ministry is ongoing throughout the year.
  • Frequency  This ministry has no meeting times. Linens are laundered weekly according to a rotating schedule of volunteers. Linens are picked up after the Sunday 12:00 Noon Mass and must be returned to the Rectory or the Sacristy before the next Saturday evening Mass at 5:00 PM.
  • Time(s)  Pick up linens after the Sunday 12:00 Noon Mass and return to the Rectory or Sacristy before the next Saturday evening 5:00 PM Mass.
  • Special Skills  Must be able to wash, dry and iron the linens and return to the church before the next weekend's Masses.
  • Other Information  This ministry is perfect for someone who wants to do "behind the scenes" work for the church.  Depending on how many people we have on the rotating list, a person usually will do this once every 12 weeks.  It does not take long to do and can be done in the privacy of your home.