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St. Pius X Latchkey offers a planned program of afterschool activities for St. Pius X schoolchildren. From this page you can access our registration, learn more about our program and volunteer opportunities, and contact our director.


St. Pius X Latchkey Program

1051 Waggoner Road Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068


  • Is available every afternoon that school is in session
  • Is open to all St. Pius X students, Grades K – 8
  • Hours of Operation: 2:30 – 6:00 PM when school is in session

Beth Antommarchi, Director
(614) 866-6050 Ext 423
(614) 866-1848 (after 3:30 PM)

2018-2019 St. Pius X Latchkey Registration

Your registration fee is due at the time of registration.

Download Our Registration Packet



Four enrollment options are offered. Participants must choose one optionPayment is due every week regardless of the number of days attended. 

  1. FULL TIME: 4 or 5 days per week
    $60/week: first child
    $55/week: each additional child

  2. PART TIME: 2 or 3 days per week
    $40/week: first child
    $30/week: each additional child

  3. ONE DAY PER WEEK: For 39 weeks
    $20/child per week
    Extra days: $20/child per day

  4. DROP-IN
    $25/day for previously-registered child

ACTIVITIES — Activities may include arts & crafts, gym time, cooking, scrap-booking, sign language, dance class, time for homework and free time for individual and group games. A snack is included in the fee. 

Certified by the Ohio Department of Education

Latchkey Resources

Access St. Pius X Latchkey Policies & Procedures

Download: St. Pius X Latchkey Policies and Procedures [Rev 04-11-2017]

St. Pius X Latchkey's Policies and Procedures Manual provides detailed information about our program and helps to answer questions that many parents and guardians may have. It includes the following information:

  1. Philosophy
  2. Purpose
  3. Goals
  4. Registration
  5. Days of Operation
  6. Fees
  7. Withdrawals
  8. Absences
  9. Arrivals
  10. Restrooms
  11. Departures
  12. Supervision
  13. Parent Participation & Communication
  14. Discipline
  15. Student Records
  16. Snack
  17. Illness
  18. Medication
  19. Homework
  20. Movies
  21. Clothing and Toys from Home
  22. Safety
  23. Classes
  24. Field Trips

Meet Our Staff

2017-2018 St. Pius X Latchkey Staff 

Beth Antommarchi (Mrs. A), Director
Angela Silone (Mrs. Silone), Assistant Director
Brenda Beyer (Mrs. Beyer), Program Assistant
Matthew Berger, Program Assistant
Carol Shown (Miss Carol), Program Assistant
Patricia Zeitman (Mrs. Z), Program Assistant

Program Ombudsman
Brenda Brammer, Business Manager, St. Pius X Church and School
(614) 866-2859


Under the certification of the Ohio Department of Education, our staff is required to attend 15 hours of Continuing Education regarding the care and supervision of children. This includes, but is not limited to, classes in First Aid, CPR, Child Abuse and Communicable Diseases.

The Diocese of Columbus requires instruction in Protecting God’s Children, fingerprinting and both federal and state background checks.

Our staff is a gifted and experienced group of adults who enjoy the many challenges of working with and engaging children. They are encouraged to share their talents in cooking, scrapbooking, sign language, dance, and making crafts with the children on an informal basis as well as in formal classes.

Simplify Payment with Auto Withdrawal

Download: SPX-Latchkey-Autowithdrawal-Form11-2016

Simplify payments by enrolling for regular auto withdrawals from your financial institution. You can select a weekly or monthly debit and specify its amount. You will need to complete and return the form above and provide us with a voided check from your account.

Latchkey Calendar 2017-2018

Download: St. Pius X Latchkey Calendar 2017-2018

St. Pius X Latchkey operates between the hours of 2:30-6:00 PM every day that St. Pius X School is in session. 



3-8 - Spring Break, No School

16 - Latchkey Family Picnic
20 - Latchkey Doughnut Sunday
28 - No School

1 - Last Day of School

Our Daily School Building Schedule by Grade

Time K-1st 2nd 3rd 4th-8th
2:30-2:45 Gym
2:45-3:00 Homework Table
Bathroom Break
Gym Gym Cafeteria
3:00-3:15 Gym Cafeteria
Homework Table
3:15-3:30 Cafeteria
Bathroom Break
To Hohman Hall
Homework Table Gym
3:15-4:00 To Hohman Hall Hohman Hall Gym
Homework Table
Homework Table
4:00 - Hohman Hall Hohman Hall To Hohman Hall To Hohman Hall

The 4•2•8 Club

The 4▪2▪8 Club is offered for Latchkey Program children in Grades 4-8 exclusively. The choice to be involved is offered daily. 4▪2▪8 Club is located in a separate room of the Latchkey building that is furnished with age-appropriate furniture including sofas, upholstered chairs, and rolling office chairs. Staff members are rotated regularly to serve as advisors to the students and to facilitate their various activities. Activities may include study/mentoring sessions, computer use, crafts, music, karaoke, video games, louder music, book clubs, service projects, and/or just general hanging out. Snacks brought from home may be eaten after the staff checks for allergens. Drinks must be in containers with lids. Students may choose to remove their shoes when in the room, however, they must put their shoes back on when leaving the space. 


Volunteer & Service Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities exist for adult men and women over age 18; teens 13-17, with or without parental supervision; and families/groups together. Volunteers work onsite at Hohman Hall between the hours of 2:30-6:00 PM and are needed to play with kids and oversee them, as well as to share crafts or activities with them. Latchkey operates according to the school calendar, August-June. In compliance with the St. Pius X Safe Environments Policy, volunteers who are 18 years or older and a high school graduate must have a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) background check with FBI fingerprinting and complete the Protecting God's Children workshop. Learn more about this requirement at: Protecting God's Children. Please contact us if you have additional questions.


This Week at SPX

Girl Scout Lock-in - Fri Apr 20 @ 6:00PM-10:00AM
Mass - Sat Apr 21 @ 5:00PM-06:00PM
Confirmation Speaker - Sat Apr 21 @ 6:00PM-07:00PM
Girl Scout Lock-in - Sat Apr 21 @ 6:00PM-10:00AM
Mass - Sun Apr 22 @ 8:30AM-09:30AM
Mass - Sun Apr 22 @10:15AM-11:15AM
Youth Ministry - Sun Apr 22 @12:00PM-09:00PM
Mass - Sun Apr 22 @12:00PM-01:00PM
VBS Volunteer Meeting - Sun Apr 22 @ 1:00PM-03:00PM
PSR - Sun Apr 22 @ 5:00PM-06:30PM


Bishop Robert Barron on the Resurrection of Jesus

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John Beyer, Campaign Chair
614-866-2859 Ext 101