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Let no one have contempt for your youth,
but set an example for those who believe, in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity. ~ I Timothy 4:12

What do you get when you join the geographic flexibility of a dedicated, Youth Group chat room with the study of 1 Timothy 4?




You get insightful comments like:

  • Knowing when to shut up is the best social life skill. - Andrew B., on setting a good example through speech
  • I think good conduct is carrying yourself in way that is expected. It has to come from the examples we see on a daily basis. So if you’re not seeing a person of good conduct, then you have no idea what is expected. - Kiera J., on setting an example with good conduct
  • An intense feeling or emotion that pours into our words and actions making us sacrifice for the greater good of the relationship. - Cole B. & Kiera J., on developing a working definition of love


Timothy Talks on Tuesdays (#TTT) is a recently launched program offered by the St. Pius X Youth Group under the direction of Judie Bryant, Coordinator of St. Pius X Youth Group, and Katie Lomeo, Youth Group Assistant. Using a dedicated Google chat room, high school participants login each Tuesday evening at 8:30 PM to discuss a topic from the I Timothy verse and to post insights to challenging questions about it.


“One of my roles as Coordinator of St. Pius X Youth Group is to help kids live their faith within the parish community,” commented Judie Bryant. “We developed Timothy Talks on Tuesdays to help our high school youth, who are so busy with activities, safely connect with their peers using the technology they know and use so well. We focus the forum on scripture, faith, and strategies to live as better Christians.”


Katie Lomeo provides challenging questions to enrich and to direct the scriptural discussion. Youth participants provide peer support and ideas about how to live as better people or conduct themselves according to the scripture. Discussions typically focus on youth challenges, like how to recognize and to develop true friendships or how to avoid bad influences. “In this time, it is sometimes hard for youth to determine right from wrong, and this new forum allows for peer sharing,” said Judie Bryant. “The anonymity of the Timothy Talks forum might be the perfect fit for someone who finds themselves unable to attend a weekly meeting or who is uncomfortable or shy at first when speaking up in a group. You can login from home, do your homework, and chime in when or if you have something to share.”


Timothy Talks on Tuesdays is open to all high school youth of the diocese. To get involved in the forum, you must have a Google account. Email Katie Lomeo at and she will add you to our chat.


To learn more about St. Pius X Youth Group, to view its calendar of events, or to contact Judie Bryant directly, please access:


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St. Pius X Vocation Prayer

In every age Lord, you raise up women and men who are strong in their faith and bold in their actions to give witness to the Gospel.

Fill St. Pius with Your Spirit and give us a burning desire to make a difference in our world because of our love for You.

Bless our Church with holy and courageous priests, deacons, religious sisters and brothers, devoted married couples, dedicated single men and women and enthusiastic youth.

We ask in Jesus' name.

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