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Interested in becoming Catholic? Want to learn more about the Faith?

We want to invite you, as someone who might be searching for answers and a place to open your heart and mind to God, to consider joining us in our exploration of the Catholic Faith. Our parish's Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) could be your answer. RCIA (or for children, RCIC) is a process that begins in September and lasts through Pentecost Sunday. Anyone who is interested can learn more about the Catholic Religion with a view toward the possibility of becoming a full participant in it.  This initiation into the church is a process of discernment, not a one-time act, and is facilitated by a team of RCIA ministers from the parish.  To learn more information about RCIA/RCIC and/or to inquire about becoming Catholic, please contact Sr. Maxine.

Maxine Shonk, O.P.
Pastoral Minister
614-751-8815 |


The initiation into the church through RCIA is divided into four significant phases:


2017-2018 RCIA Schedule

Candidates and sponsors meet weekly on Thursday at 7:00 PM in the Parish Activity Center (PAC Room) from September 14, 2017, through Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018.


More about RCIA/RCIC

Volunteering as a Sponsor
We select sponsors from a pool of parish volunteers and match them to our candidates/catechumen for what we hope will be the best fit for spiritual development. Sponsors must be practicing Catholics. RCIA/RCIC begins in mid-September and ends on Pentecost Sunday. Commitment to serving as a sponsor involves a significant number of hours. However, the depth of your growth and faith development, the involvement in your parish community, and the joy it genuinely brings others is priceless. If you are interested in applying for sponsorship, please contact Sr. Maxine Shonk at 614-751-8815 or by email to



This Week at SPX

"Walking with Purpose" - Mon Jul 16 @ 9:30AM-11:00PM
Men's Faithsharing - Mon Jul 16 @ 7:00PM-08:30PM
Knights of Columbus 1st Degree & business meeting - Tue Jul 17 @ 6:00PM-09:00PM
Widow Group meeting - Tue Jul 17 @ 6:30PM-
Adoration - Wed Jul 18 @ 7:00AM-07:00PM
"Walking with Purpose" - Wed Jul 18 @ 7:00PM-08:30PM
Men's Faithsharing - Thu Jul 19 @ 5:45AM-07:15AM
Basketball - Fri Jul 20 @ 5:30PM-08:00PM
Men's Faithsharing and Scripture Study - Sat Jul 21 @ 6:30AM-08:00AM
Mass - Sat Jul 21 @ 5:00PM-06:00PM


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