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Adult Scripture Study is designed to build faith, to create prayer experiences with the scripture, and to relate scripture—both Old and New Testament—to our current life situations. For more information about Adult Scripture Study, please use our form below to contact us.

Sr. Maxine Shonk, O.P.
Pastoral Minister


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  • Scripture Study is open to new participants.
  • Ages  This is ministry is appropriate for men and women over 18 years of age.
  • Ministry Location  Location is announced when a scripture study series is announced, depending upon the needs of the program.
  • Designation  This ministry is ongoing throughout the year.
  • Frequency  Sessions are held throughout the year in series of consecutive weekly sessions.
  • Time(s)  Times are announced when a new scripture study session is scheduled.
  • Other Information  We post upcoming Adult Scripture Study schedules in our weekly bulletin.