Capital Campaign Update, 07 Sept 2017

  • Total pledges to date   $2,891,652
  • New pledges received this month   $6,997
  • Total cash received   $1,299,212
  • Increase over last report period   $58,385


Note on Total Pledges to Date

Those of you who have been paying attention will notice a $4,838 drop in our Total Pledges to Date since our last report. This is a result of losing $11,835 in pledges due to families moving away from the parish, financial hardships or death. Guidance In Giving has informed us that our retention rate is excellent and to expect that some pledges will be removed due to life challenges.


Hohman Hall Exterior, Interior Improvements

Due to the generosity of all of you that have committed and honored their Campaign pledges, we continue to make great progress on the new build. As you look at Hohman Hall, located near the northwest corner of our parking lot, you can see that:

  • all exterior finishes are being completed;
  • the interior insulation has been finished;
  • the large back patio behind Hohman Hall has been poured;
  • drywall is being finished; and,
  • paint and carpet have been selected.

The electrical transformer behind our church building was replaced September 7 with a new, three-phase unit to bring all the power to the new buildings.


Construction and utility site meetings are occurring every two weeks with our general contractor, architect and all engineers, who give us updates, ideas to be more cost effective as we move forward, and any changes that may be needed. Currently we are still one week ahead of schedule.


Pledges Still Needed: Phase II, Narthex

Please remember, we are still in need of new Campaign pledges to continue our efforts to expand the narthex of the church. This is Phase II of our capital campaign. You will be hearing more about Phase II next month. Please use your green Campaign envelopes or pick up a pledge envelope in the vestibule of the church. Msgr. Funk, the Capital Campaign Team, and all the staff here at St. Pius X want to thank all of you for your continued support and prayers for this wonderful endeavor.

Questions or Information

John Beyer, Campaign Chair
(614) 866-2859 Ext 101


This Week at SPX

"Walking with Purpose" - Mon Jul 16 @ 9:30AM-11:00PM
Men's Faithsharing - Mon Jul 16 @ 7:00PM-08:30PM
Knights of Columbus 1st Degree & business meeting - Tue Jul 17 @ 6:00PM-09:00PM
Widow Group meeting - Tue Jul 17 @ 6:30PM-
Adoration - Wed Jul 18 @ 7:00AM-07:00PM
"Walking with Purpose" - Wed Jul 18 @ 7:00PM-08:30PM
Men's Faithsharing - Thu Jul 19 @ 5:45AM-07:15AM
Basketball - Fri Jul 20 @ 5:30PM-08:00PM
Men's Faithsharing and Scripture Study - Sat Jul 21 @ 6:30AM-08:00AM
Mass - Sat Jul 21 @ 5:00PM-06:00PM


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John Beyer, Campaign Chair
614-866-2859 Ext 101