St. Pius X Volunteer Weekend

Your chance to get involved in the St. Pius X Continuing to Renew All Things In Christ Campaign is here! We need YOUR help to be successful. Those families who are unable to attend a reception will be personally contacted by a campaign volunteer. Our goal is to involve the entire parish. The mailings, receptions, phone calls and home visits will help us inform and engage people. We need enthusiastic volunteers to participate by performing these important tasks. Please fill out a volunteer card and return the card in the offertory basket or by dropping it off at the parish office. Your commitment is essential to the success of our campaign.


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To achieve our goals, we will need the cooperation and assistance of a great many parishioners as volunteer workers to give us approximately 10-15 hours of their time between the months of September and November. We are not looking for quantity of time, but quality time. No special qualifications are necessary, except your willingness to sacrifice a small amount of your leisure time and your desire to see that St. Pius X accomplish its projects and continue to be a vibrant people of faith.


The standards in our society are so different from God’s standards. We often rate or rank people by what they have, how powerful they are, or how successful they are. Jesus reminds us that God will not judge us by the same earthly standards.


Questions or Information

Charles Recznik, Campaign Director
(614) 866.2859

For behold, some are last who will be first and some are first who will be last. - Luke 13:30


This Week at SPX

"Walking with Purpose" - Mon Jul 16 @ 9:30AM-11:00PM
Men's Faithsharing - Mon Jul 16 @ 7:00PM-08:30PM
Knights of Columbus 1st Degree & business meeting - Tue Jul 17 @ 6:00PM-09:00PM
Widow Group meeting - Tue Jul 17 @ 6:30PM-
Adoration - Wed Jul 18 @ 7:00AM-07:00PM
"Walking with Purpose" - Wed Jul 18 @ 7:00PM-08:30PM
Men's Faithsharing - Thu Jul 19 @ 5:45AM-07:15AM
Basketball - Fri Jul 20 @ 5:30PM-08:00PM
Men's Faithsharing and Scripture Study - Sat Jul 21 @ 6:30AM-08:00AM
Mass - Sat Jul 21 @ 5:00PM-06:00PM


Bishop Robert Barron on the Resurrection of Jesus

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For More Information

John Beyer, Campaign Chair
614-866-2859 Ext 101