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Faith Formation opportunities help parishioners to know, understand and grow in the Catholic faith and to give personal witness to the love of Jesus and His Truth. Scroll down for information about opportunities here at St. Pius X. If you have a question about our upcoming program or would like to learn more about Adult Faith Formation opportunities at St. Pius X, please use our form below to contact our coordinator.

Deacon Jim Kelly


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 Video of the Month: Unexpected: An Advent Reflection

[Time: 3:02] - From Spirit Juice Studios. In 2011, awaiting Christmas, Jill had her Advent and whole life flipped upside down by an unexpected diagnosis. Jill found God in a new way through this experience, and shares how surprising arrivals are often God’s M.O. From the manger to a diagnosis, God is often found in the most unexpected places.

Do You Really Believe? Pillar I: The Creed

Our current adult faith formation, Pillar I: The Creed with Sean Innerst, is a 12-week program that began Monday, October 2, and will conclude prior to Christmas. Registered class members meet every Monday evening at 7:00 PM in the school cafeteria. Check back soon for our winter offering.

Other Faith Formation Opportunities

Watch this spot for other faith formation opportunities in and around the diocese.