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Mosaic PPX Detail

Commissioned by Monsignor David Funk, pastor of St. Pius X from 2007-2018, our Pope Saint Pius X mosaic was installed in the church near the Blessed Sacrament chapel on February 12, 2016, and was blessed by Monsignor at Mass on February 13, 2016, "to the greater honor and glory of God." The commissioned work of art featuring the parish's patron saint was created in Italy over several months and incorporates some remaining background tile from the sanctuary mosaic, installed in 1993, to unite the two pieces. 

After visiting Venice and Pius's home in nearby Riese, Italy, in 2014 with 44 travelers, many of whom were St. Pius X parishioners, Monsignor Funk wished to commemorate the Pope's anniversaries and the pilgrimage. He commissioned the mosaic from Italian artists, deciding upon this medium to complement the existing sanctuary mosaic behind the altar.

The art is custom-framed in 100-year-old oak by James Funk, brother of Monsignor. James is a master craftsman and creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind wood pieces, including frames, side tables, and coffee tables. For more information, James's contact number is 740-653-3964.


Learn more about Pope Pius X, our patron.

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