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 South window full  South window detail

A design study of the windows in our church assists our parishioners and visitors in learning the love, promise, glory and truth in Our Lord, Our God.

Beginning at the right side of the church, as you face the altar, you'll find a color realm of deep blues, blues, and purples. These are colors that help our mind to reflect upon the skies and the heavens, and the majesty of our Lord.

The Tree of Jesse symbol, entwining itself through the color and line and with almost a vine- or tree-like nature, describes the genealogy of Our Lord. The root takes ground in Heaven, near the top a lily-like form tells us of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Topping and almost rising through the lily is a Chi Rho, symbolic of Christ.

Limbs or vines extend away, depicting the Messianic promise to Issac — logs and fire, a symbol of his sacrificial willingness to obey and his unrelenting faith. The crown — symbol of David, the King — reflects the loving and forgiving Son. The sun, a symbol of Jacob, foretells the coming of Christ and the new light. The sacrificial knife and flame is a symbol of Abraham, who was willing to sacrifice his son at God's request and the grace that was bestowed upon him for his love and faith. Abraham is the father of all true believers in God's revelation.

From this linear motion and color flows forth bright colors, happy colors, and gray for sorrow and hurt. Reds and purples express war, famine, and sufferings. Grays of various tones and blends reflect man's weakness and temptations. Greens: the fruits and benefits He makes. Golds and ambers are colors suggestive of God's offerings and goodness. 

These colors blend completely around the nave, the central area of our worship space, and repeat in different patterns the generations of the past, present and future until they meet at the second symbol of our message, the Tree of Life, the Chi Rho, which reaches out to the people and, through its grace in communion and sacraments of Our Lord, give us the fruits upon which we nourish and can prepare ourselves for Heaven. A wheat and grape symbol is entwined into this overall picture to again tell us of God's Gift — His only Son, Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer.


North window  Tabernacle window

The last portion of the window design is reflected at the Blessed Sacrament Shrine. This, through symbols, again tells us the story of the Resurrection. The chalice and host, depicting our Lord, and wavy lines rising from a dark gray area, symbolic of the tomb, remind us of His Resurrection and Ascension. Throughout, colors and lines alone depict humankind and its natures. Since man and woman of all centuries would be impossible to describe pictorially, it has been executed in colors and lines to bring out feeling and expression. As such, it has been chosen to express this by the colors which best describe humankind's actions and emotions.


Christ windowOther windows are kept in the basic theme and are simple color and linear effect to bring forth a unity of expression. The one window which depicts our Lord as a man is the window that expresses His desire for us to come forth to Him in a welcoming gesture. [Located at the entrance to our church], this is to allow anyone entering our church the spiritual welcome of our faith.


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St. Pius X Vocation Prayer

In every age Lord, you raise up women and men who are strong in their faith and bold in their actions to give witness to the Gospel.

Fill St. Pius with Your Spirit and give us a burning desire to make a difference in our world because of our love for You.

Bless our Church with holy and courageous priests, deacons, religious sisters and brothers, devoted married couples, dedicated single men and women and enthusiastic youth.

We ask in Jesus' name.

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