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Our capital campaign, Continuing to Renew All Things in Christ, is helping St. Pius X Church and School to meet our parish's growing needs and prepare for its future by expanding and improving our campus properties or adding new buildings as needed. From this page, you can stay updated by accessing our campaign news blog. You can also learn more about the planned expansions for our parish.

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John Beyer, Campaign Chair
(614) 866-2859 Ext 101


Capital campaign update as of 4 December 2018

Phase I $2,951,935        
Phase II $636,015            $932,000   $293,174
Total I & II $3,587,950   $3,881,123    
TOTAL CASH IN HAND    $2,363,234        



Hohman Hall to Begin Soon

This campaign update includes recent pledge totals. Because of your generosity and commitment to making pledge payments, the parish has met its diocesan financial responsibilities in order to begin Phase I construction and has received approval from Bishop Frederick Campbell. The renovation of Hohman Hall will begin in May and will house our new Latchkey and Youth Group Center. Thank you to the many people who have helped us to move the St. Pius X Latchkey and St. Pius X Youth Group belongings to temporary storage. 

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Capital Campaign Reaches Milestone

Pledges continue to arrive. We've reached a milestone by collecting our first $1M through your generosity and your continued commitment to making pledge payments. This is one of the primary reasons that we are poised to break ground on the Hohman Hall expansion in May 2017 instead of next year. Help will be needed in April to move items from Hohman Hall to a large storage bin so that construction can begin. Msgr. Funk, the capital campaign team, and the staff of St. Pius X want to thank all of you for your continued support and prayers toward this wonderful endeavor.

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Phase I To Begin Sooner Than Planned

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support. Because of your support, we have been able to move our Phase I groundbreaking date from Spring 2018 to this year. This update includes new pledge totals, including the tremendous number of campaign donations recently made in the memory of parishioner Peg Brock; a description of the drainage preparation work near Hohman Hall; and details about the site planning for Phase I.

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Pledge Reminders Begin

Pledge reminders will begin in December. This article gives you guidance on how to complete your pledged payment.

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Thank You, Hard-Working Committee Members!

As our pledge total continues to increase through your generous, sacrificial giving, we wish to recognize and thank our Continuing to Renew All Things in Christ Capital Campaign Committee for their tremendous dedication and many hours of service.

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Our New Pledge Total is $2,267,000

The momentum continues as we complete a third month of the Continuing to Renew All Things in Christ Capital Campaign. Members of our parish campaign team will begin to reach out and follow-up with parish families who have not yet responded. If you fall in this group, we encourage you to help us by returning your response card today. Every pledge, regardless of the amount, is integral to this joint effort.

Read more: Our New Pledge Total is $2,267,000

Will You Respond?

With just under a quarter (22 percent) of our parish family committing, we have reached $2.2 million. We need your help and prayers to assure that all phases of the development plan can be met. What can we do with 50, 75, 100% participation?! Please help us meet your parish goals. For those who have not specified an earlier payment period, redemption on your generous pledges will begin in December.

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Do You Still Have Your Pledge Card?

Our new pledge total now tops $2 million! Of the approximately 2,000 registered parish households in St. Pius X Church, 411 (20%) have made pledges to our campaign. Another 79 are considering their pledge amount following their attendance at a reception. We need our remaining families to participate as well. Do you still have your pledge card?

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"Commitment Weekend" is Here at Last!

Our gifts and pledges continue to increase: we now have confirmed over $1.6 million in gifts and pledges to date! Thank you! Join all those parish family members in committing to this project to revitalize our campus and prepare us for a future in faith. Commitment Weekend is this October 22/23. Find your pledge cards and make your commitment soon! Please give this request prayerful consideration.

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Next Weekend is "Commitment Weekend"

Over $1.5 million in gifts and pledges to date! Review our campaign brochure, Continuing to Renew All Things in Christ, which you should now have received in the mail. Extra brochure packets and pledge cards are available in the church vestibule at the Campaign Information Table. We request that all of our parish families consider making a sacrificial pledge to the best of their ability: equal sacrifice, not equal giving.  Please give this request prayerful consideration.

Read more: Next Weekend is "Commitment Weekend"

Our Success Depends on All of Us

All gifts, no matter the size, are needed and greatly appreciated. Remember that our campaign is based on equal sacrifice, not equal giving. This week's update includes a total of our gifts and pledges to date and information concerning upcoming pledge reminders and statements.

Read more: Our Success Depends on All of Us


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For More Information

John Beyer, Campaign Chair
614-866-2859 Ext 101

St. Pius X Vocation Prayer

In every age Lord, you raise up women and men who are strong in their faith and bold in their actions to give witness to the Gospel.

Fill St. Pius with Your Spirit and give us a burning desire to make a difference in our world because of our love for You.

Bless our Church with holy and courageous priests, deacons, religious sisters and brothers, devoted married couples, dedicated single men and women and enthusiastic youth.

We ask in Jesus' name.

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