Understanding the MassQ: Why is the Mass a sacrifice?

A: The Mass is a sacrifice because it makes present to us, right here in our own parish church, the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. 

That doesn't mean that the priest is somehow killing Jesus again or that there needs to be another sacrifice after Jesus died on the cross. There is one sacrifice of Jesus for all time and for all people. But we're dealing with eternity here. That one sacrifice is present to us on the altar at every Mass. We see the Body and Blood of Christ offered today because Christ is living and eternal.

 From: Understanding the Mass, 100 Questions, 100 Answers by Mike Aquilina, available from dynamiccatholic.com



On February 6, 2018, Msgr. Funk celebrated his 70th birthday. Per Diocesan policy, the retirement age for priests is age 70. Msgr. Funk has asked for and has been granted permission by Bishop Campbell to retire as pastor of St. Pius X Church. His official date of retirement will be July 10, 2018. 



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Monsignor David Funk, Pastor